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Project Description

Zeral originated from Zero and Alpha. It is composited by Zer + Al.
Zeral .Net is a library implementing BitTorrent protocol, eMule protocol and Gnutella protocol based on .Net Framework 4.5.2.
Now, I start to rewrite source codes of BitTorrent protocol, and I will continue updating the codes at SOURCE CODE.
Firstly, Zeral . Net implements BitTorrent protocol, and both eMule protocol and Gnutella protocol will be finished later.
The aim of this library is proving a programming API rather than a rich GUI.
As a result this should allow developers embed the library into a wide variety of applications with ease.
Also, I will divide the library into serverl parts like torrent file parser and creator, UPnP NAT Traversal , DHT, NAT-PMP and so on.
So that you can use them in different domains.

Developer: Razor & Sammy

And I want somebody could participate in this project.
If you are interested in this project, please contact me via e-mail Razor.

Both of BitTorrent, eMule have DHT(full name is Distributed Hash Table) function.
So you can download documents about DHT from Kademlia protocol.

Here are some protocols about BitTorrent, eDonkey and Gnutella including their extension.

Note:Now, I am using Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 to develop this project, NUnit 2.6.3 to test this project, this project and WPF to design this project's simple GUI.
You can download
NUnit 2.6.3

Zeral .Net's Source Code is on SOURCE CODE
Zeral .Net's Application is on APPLICATION
Currently, I'm rewriting the codes in BitTorrent protocol and release the alpha application.
The application is only restricted with:
1. Some network fail problems;
2. Just support single metainfo;
3. Stop task may be some wrong.

Thank you for VisualSVN free support.

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