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Gnutella Protocol

You can download Gnutella protocol through Gnutella protocol.

Gnutella protocol v0.4
Gnutella protocol v0.6

Here is some extensions To Gnutella Protocol:
Gnutella Generic Extension Protocol
Gnutella UDP Extension for Scalable Searches (GUESS) v0.1
The horizon size estimation protocol (HSEP)
Extensive to IPv6
Passive/Active Remote Queueing
Partial File Sharing Protocol Version 1.0
Query Routing for the Gnutella Network
Reliable UDP (RUDP) File Transfer Spec 1.03
Introducing New Bye (0x02) Packet in Gnutella 0.4
Gnutella Traffic Compression
how to best make your Gnutella 0.6 client crawler compatible with the LimeWire crawler
Gnutella UDP Traffic Compression
Direct Internet Message Encapsulation (DIME)
Gnutella Dynamic Query Protocol v0.1
Gnutella Web Caching System
An Extensible Handshaking Protocol for the Gnutella Network
Propagating Server's Hostname
Hash/URN Gnutella Extensions (HUGE) v0.94
Proposal for Leaf Guidance of Dynamic Queries
New Interpretation of the MinSpeed field in Queries
Out-of-Band Query Hit Delivery For Gnutella
ping/pong scheme for the Gnutella network
Push Proxy
Query Keys
Ultrapeers: Another Step Towards Gnutella Scalability
Gnutella Ultrapeer Query Routing v0.1
Framework for Vendor-specific Messages
compact direct-connect and Push Alt Locs
X-Features header

Here is some webpages about extra vendor-specific messages:
The "Connect Back" Vendor-specific Messages
The "HEAD Ping" Vendor-specific Message
The "HEAD Pong" Vendor-specific Message
The "Node Info" Vendor-specific Messages
The "Push Proxy Cancel" Vendor-specific Message
The "Route Lost" Vendor-specific Message
The "Time Sync" Vendor-specific Messages

Here is the webpages detailed Gnutella protocol:
Main page
Establishing connections
Gnutella 0.4 Establishing connections
Gnutella 0.6 Establishing connections
Message header
Ping message
Pong message
Query message
QueryHit message
Push message
Bye message, version 0.6
Ping and Pong optimizations
Pong caching schemes
Ping multiplexing
Ultrapeers and routing
Transferring files
Metadata and rich queries

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